You Should Know: Norvis Junior

“Norvis stretches the Boundaries of Rhythm” Wax Poetics

This is an understatement. New Math’s latest signee, Norvis Junior breaks all the rules… In the best way possible. This Dallas, TX native is being heard by the likes of Gilles Peterson, Anthony Valadez as well as Pigeon and Planes. Introducing Norvis Junior….

Tell us a little about yourself? Uh hmm…I’m an artist bred from artist out of the funky still waters of Texas. I’m a very flawed being and I love pizza. I meditate, I draw, I do abstract paintings and animation. I smoke, I breathe, I cook…That’s about it. Oh! And I glitch stuff on the reg.

What are some challenges you’ve faced as a Dallas creative? When I first went to college in Long Island New York I realized people outside of the south in 2005 thought everywhere beneath DC is all Wild West. And then a lot of people started hating on Dallas cause of all the dance records coming outta there for a while. So it was just always a funny conversation to me cause yea I’m from Dallas I like to dance but whatever I got something to say too. Lolol but the internet changed all that. It’s much better now.

Who inspired you during the production of Pyrrhic Victory Disc 03? Flying lotus, Madlib, Dilla, Lex Luger, James Blake, The Roots, Radiohead, Erykah Badu, Earl, Frank Ocean, Neon Indian and Jai Paul…. A lot of Jai Paul.

Is there a favorite track on the project? ODB – I was in a really fluid state when I made that track and I just kept asking the spirits in the room to use my body to use the beat. And then I asked what they wanted me to say and like these words just came from my mouth…then… It was done. Now every time I play that song it’s like I enter a trance.

What’s your process for making a sound? It all varies on my mood… Though lately I’ve been practicing piano until I get a chord progression and build a beat around that. Or I play a 16 bar drum pattern and then build up a beat from samples or chords. I’m usually humming all through out so it just depends on if I wanna sing on it or not when it comes to my vocal approach.

What’s next? I’m putting the finishing touches on or am completed with 4 projects right now. “Black James Blake” which is jus some fun shit, “Norvis Junior is Nothing” which is an instrumental project, “hooks + bridges” it’s an EP of all hooks and bridges and this disco record I’m working on with my oldest brother called “spirit children”. All those are coming out this year along with a bunch of other stuff. So…. Yea… Wave times.

Interview by: Joel X
Photos by: Jonny Bad Good

Available here at DTR