The Composition

Our team at DTR decided to archive the transactions with Maureen Yancey and our creative director Waajeed Aka Jeedo X. It’s rare that we repost things of this nature, but we thought it would be wise to archive it without bias. These words from Jeedo,

“On the afternoon of January 14, 2016 I woke to a text from Houseshoes. No words just a link to Facebook.” “My jaw hit the floor when reading the posting directly from the Facebook of Maureen Yancey (Dilla’s Mother).”

First thought was WTF!? A shot on the internet at ME?! What is this about? If someone had issues, why didn’t they call or email me. After regaining my cool. I immediately reposted it on my Robert Jeedo O’Bryant and Waajeed Jeedo¬†X Facebook pages with the statement below.

I had a night to think about it and made my rebuttal the following day.


Maureen Yancey’s original post was removed within 2 hours. No contact has been made to resolve her and the J Dilla’s Foundations¬†issue.