Waajeed – The War LP DOWNLOAD


The War LP was released in 2007 on Fat City Records in association with Bling47. It was created after the success of Platinum Pied Pipers's “Triple P” album. Contrary to PPP's smooth melodic tone, the War LP focuses on Waajeed's raw, textured, hip hop side. This album features Invincible, Taraach (AKA Lacks), Tiombe Lockhart with additional production by J Dilla. The image attached to this album is from the limited Japanese release. This download features other instrumental highlights like Anything and Tron.

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1. The Overtaking Featuring Tiombe Lockhart

2. Bombs Away Featuring Invincible

3. Anything

4. Get Live

5. Make Doe

6. Act Like You Know Featuring J Dilla

7. The Dragon

8. W-A-A-J-E-E-D

9. Pick Your Poison Featuring Invincible

10. Dusk

11. Fire

12. Proud

13. Busta (Produced by J Dilla)

14. LL (Produced by J Dilla)

15. Garage Band (Produced by J Dilla)

16. O'Bloody Days O'Starry Night On The Bowery Featuring Tiombe Lockhart

17. Place Where We Dwell Featuring Invincible

18. Escape Form Stinktown Featuring Tiombe Lockhart

19. Tron