When hip-hop stormed pop culture in the early ‘80s, Waajeed would sneak his father’s hip-hop records, teaching himself the art of making music and spinning records. But it wasn’t until he found his chosen family at the age of 14 that Waajeed finally entered the music business. His new family—T3, J Dilla, and Baatin—was hip-hop group Slum Village.

As Slum Village’s DJ, Waajeed grew musically with the band. Receiving a full art scholarship to Detroit’s College for Creative Studies at the age of 19, Waajeed unwillingly left behind his budding music career and pursued an education in art. After almost three years of art school and on the brink of graduation, he made the decision to leave behind his scholarship to continue his career in music, because unlike art, music held a sense of immediacy that clicked with Waajeed’s drive to excel in life.

Desiring a wider reach for his music distribution, Waajeed signed to small Californian label Ubiquity Records as Platinum Pied Pipers alongside multi-instrumentalist Saadiq. Even though Platinum Pied Pipers put out two full-length records, Waajeed still yearned for a label with no boundaries and returned to self-releasing his music, tallying and combining all of his experiences into one definitive label-project called Dirt Tech Reck.

Born in 2012, Dirt Tech Reck is both a roof for Waajeed’s lifelong accomplishments and a home for his future endeavors. Dirt Tech Reck continued’s to evolve, putting out innovative music deeply driven by it’s Detroit roots.