IN THE LAB: Jeedeci DTR05A Prints

I find joy in contrast. Light and dark. Beautiful and ugly. This was the spark of inspiration for the tone of Jeedeci prints.

I’m no stranger to this imbalance, I’m as comfortable in a dice game in Conant Gardens as the MOMA in Manhattan.

 With Jeedeci I played with this idea. I wanted to combine warm, gospel based R&B with 21st century ghetto tech beats.

The photography of Sergio Del Amo served as the catalyst.

Sergio suggested doing a shoot for “Love U 4 Life” which he heard on Benji B’s Deviation.

He had the perfect muse in mind… Enter Natasha.

 We found the correct balance with her.

Beauty and the beat.

  Jeedeci: DTR05A has been sold out.