Byron the Aquarius: Interview

Byron, Tell us about yourself. I’m a 27-year-old music producer, Dj and Jazz musician (Pianist) originally from Birmingham, Alabama. I’m known for my numerous releases on independent labels like Rush Hour, Sound Signature, Warp, HHV, Circulations, Reebok Classics – A Journey into Future, Real Soon, and Giant Step Records. I built my reputation via the internet working with artists such as Flying Lotus, Kai Alce, Jay Scarlett, and Onra.

How did you get from Detroit to Morehouse in Atlanta? My parents were in the army so I kinda moved around a lot.  I’m originally from Birmingham. I was in Atlanta back and forth working on music with Kai Alce and Daz I Kue (UK) which introduced me to House Music and Broken Beat. Then I made the move to Detroit in 2010, I was signed to a production deal with Denaun Porter (Eminem producer). I worked in his studio and learned a lot then realized I wanted to make my own music. I left that deal, went back to Atlanta and kept creating music which got me in Morehouse College. I was doing jazz studies in programs and some studies at Jacksonville State University in Alabama for jazz composition in piano.

Where do you live currently?  I Currently live in Birmingham, Alabama… but I go back and forth to Atlanta working with Kai Alce.

Explain the Kai Alce and Sound Signature connection? I was just always working on music with Kai Alce in his studio playing keys. Then it just was some creations that he produced that got in the hands of Theo Parrish. That was through the relationship between Kai and Theo. It pretty much was History in the making.

What inspired the two tracks on “Highlife EP”? Inspiration from these tracks was me listening to jazz fusion records from Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock. I felt like I wanted to give house music a different flavor, originality, and some live instrumentation. I think now of days that’s what music is missing. Live frequencies. I miss those days when people just created from the love of music.

What’s your studio process? It varies. I’m working on my album right now with All City Records in Dublin. It starts with some brew or me getting some inspiration taking pictures and listening to some jazz records.

What are your weapons of choice in the lab? MPC-2500, Fender Rhodes, Korg Krome, Ableton, and Native Instruments Maschine.

What other release’s or collabs have you done in past? I worked with Flying Lotus on his “Los Angeles”  project the name of the track was “RobertaFlack” (featuring Dolly). I did a project with Onra called The Big Payback which was just released.

What’s next? You can expect nothing but the best! I will be dropping a project on Kyle Hall’s Detroit label Wild Oats titled “Gone Today Here TMRW” in April. I will be touring for the summer and playing the Dimensions Festival around May. Gonna stay in the studio working on my music, performing live, and DJ sets.

Byron the Aquarius Highlife EP is available HERE