25 Years of Techno Art
25 Years of Techno Art25 Years of Techno Art25 Years of Techno Art25 Years of Techno Art25 Years of Techno Art

25 Years of Techno Art


“25 Years of Techno Art” brings us almost three decades of art from Abdul Qadim Haqq. He documents his journey of creation from 1989 – 2014, with techno and house illuminaries like Derrick May, Carl Craig, and Underground Resistance in this 101 page documentation. We’ve been schooled about the many musicians that are responsible for the soundscape of Detroit, now meet the person responsible for the visual component. This retrospective is the first limited press to be released in quite some time, all of which Haqq has signed for our customers at DIRT TECH RECK. Here’s a quote from Mad Mike Banks about this fantastic book:

Detroit’s Number One Ambassador of Art, World Renowned Techno Artist, Long Time Ally, Comrade and Trusted Friend Abdul Qadim Haqq has completed a masterwork. 

Abduls company, Third Earth Visual Arts presents “A Silver Anniversary Art Retrospective 1989 – 2014″. This high quality glossy paged item is for fans of Detroit Techno and the Art of Visionary Futurist, Abdul Haqq, whose artwork set the tone for Detroit Techno to propel the world into the future.

Haqq’s retrospective includes beautifully photographed high definition images of his most influential and globally cherished works. Along with extremely rare and well photographed images of some of Detroit’s most elusive artists that only Haqq could get.




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