Church Boy Lou – Weep EP – Digital


Courtesy of producer Jeedo under the alias Church Boy Lou, this 4-track Weep EP is steeped in the evolution of slave spirituals into gospel music. It is songs from the field meeting the trinity of Chicago house, Detroit electro-tech and disco. The voice of producer Paul Randolph accompanies the wails and moans from Southern plantation laborers on “Alright!” and the companion “Paul-a-pella.” The title track “Weep” is seven and a half minutes of haunting vocal chops and raw four-on-the-floor drums.

Weep EP is both the pained past and a wondrous revival. “I wanted to tune into my ancestors and touch on black folks’ beginnings here in North America,” Jeedo says. “Our cornerstone on this continent was based in sorrow then, and still is to some degree…somehow we push through and find good out of it.” DTR06.

Cover artwork designed by Jeedo.

Production Details:
. Produced by Jeedo AKA Waajeed
. Additional keys by Jon Dixon and Tim K
. Mixed by Jeedo and Tenacity
. Features vocals by Paul Randolph
. *Alright! Contains a replay of “Going Back To My Roots”

1. Show Me

2. Alright! feat Paul Randolph

3. Weep

4. Alright! (Paulapella)

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