Fall/ Winter Capsule Inspirations

Back like we never left. We at DIRT TECH RECK are proud to introduce our 2014 line of caps and beanies. This is only the start of several designs to be released throughout the rest of this year.

And now a word from Jeedo about this capsule line.

“I draw inspiration from the past and the future. I am inspired by many ideas in many different mediums. Music is the foundation, but seeing that music is the cornerstone of culture is the perfect catalyst to be inspired to create garments. In 1993 I started using tee shirts and caps as a canvas to express ideas and social awareness. In 1996 those tees grew into a moderately successful business. Unfortunately there was not enough hours in the day to share my love for music, design, and business. I’m finally in a space to create and share these ideas under my own terms. I design with simplicity and function. I make bold statements for unapologetic people.”


Be Bold…